Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sun Ray Cafe

I must forget the amazing time we always have at Sun Ray Cafe, just a block off Summit on 17th Street, because every time we go...we rave. We always have the most incredible food and fun. The occasion was my husband's birthday celebration with some of our dearest friends.
Sun Ray is a locally-owned Greek restaurant and we usually go with a big group and we typically order family style. I highly recommend this approach. This means that the most delectable, fresh, beautiful food is brought to your table for about 3 hours straight. The first course includes: pita and assorted breads, olives, hummus, feta. The next course is mussels in white wine sauce, followed by Greek salad with a secret weapon - mint. Mint is one of those herbs that takes over the garden in about five minutes; it takes over the salad at Sun Ray and it totally works. And you can tell in this photo that the tomato seriously looks (and tastes) like a July tomato, not an April tomato.
By this point, you think you can't eat anything else. Until the next courses start coming...fresh roasted asparagus, lamb chops, scallops, salmon, filet, rib eye....seafood and meat as far as the eye can see. We passed it around and savored every bite. Our sweet ending was perfect with plump blackberries and small tastes of chocolate cake and baklava.
Sun Ray is a byo restaurant, which we love. But this also means that your wine glass is never empty. Assuming, of course, that you have learned your lesson at Sun Ray. (We have.) The key to a good time: bring wine for the owner, the server and of course, yourself.
We excelled in the latter and had a great time with our great friends, who make every visit better than the last.

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