Thursday, September 6, 2007

Looking back, it has been a pretty good year...

Today is our first anniversary. September 8, 2006 was a gorgeous Kansas City day. Late summer in the Midwest can either be perfect or it can be a downpour...our day was perfect. And, yes, it has been a pretty good year. Hard to believe it has flown by so fast.

I'm a very lucky girl, when we first started dating he told me he was the Powerball and he was right. So, many thanks to my husband for supporting me in all that I do, for his patience, understanding and for always being there with a good sense of humor no matter what state I'm in. He can make me laugh quicker and harder than anyone I've ever known. And isn't that what its all about? Having fun and loving life.

We celebrated last night with a lovely dinner with friends at Le Fou Frog. Seriously good French food and unbelievable wine. Tonight, we're going to Starkers Reserve on the Plaza.

Now, we're looking forward to a really good second year.

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