Monday, August 4, 2008

2 Buns, 1 Oven

I apologize for my complete absence. But I have some pretty good reasons. First, we finally moved into our new place a few months ago only to have some minor issues arise where we had to move back out of our new place for more than a month. We are, thankfully, finally settled into our fabulous new digs in the River Market and loving it.

Second, as strange as it sounds, I just have not had a good relationship with food lately. For about three months, all I could do was sleep. I was exhausted beyond belief and couldn't even think about cooking. We had a lot of takeout. I was better for about a month, but only wanted to eat mac n' cheese, spaghetti with tomato sauce or hot dogs...basically kid food. Now I'm dealing with acid reflux and barely keeping food down. So, again, food is just not my top priority.

But it is all good because I have not one, but two, buns in the oven. We are over the moon and can't wait for our little holiday bundles to arrive.

I will leave you with the best, if only, thing I have made all summer. This is truly the best brisket I've ever had. Everyone raved over it. Although it does take a few hours, it is fairly simple.